The Real Causes of CFS/ME

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 There is no known definitive single cause for CFS/ME, however, there are a number of factors believed to trigger the condition, for this reason supporting these cases can be very challenging for practioners.

Our aim in this webinar is to help you navigate this complex condition, identify the root cause in your clients, and support them back to health with tested protocols.

2 Hours CPD Accreditation

What will you learn?

To enhance your learning experience we have split the webinar into two parts, each an hour long.


  • Gain an understanding of the possible root causes to CFS/ME
  • Which tests are available to help identify the root cause
  • Treatment suggestions for your clients including environmental, lifestyle and nutrition interventions
  • Analysis of patient case studies
  • A deeper understanding of the complex emotions your clients can struggle with and practical advice on how best to manoeuvre these.
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Introducing your CFS/ME tutor


Rebecca Ellison

Rebecca Ellison is on the practitioner education team here at London Clinic of Nutrition and a Nutritional Therapist who has had a personal battle with chronic illness herself.

After being wheelchair bound from her teenage years, Rebecca was finally diagnosed with Lyme Disease and it was only through the Functional Medicine approach that she was able to fully recover.

Rebecca now specialises in CFS/ME/Lyme Disease and has helped hundreds of people reclaim their lives by finding the root cause of their ongoing fatigue at all levels.

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